Let's go! Edo-Kimekomi doll making workshop

Hey guyz! I've just heard from a friend about a Japanese-doll making workshop at the Singapore Philatelic Museum on the 14th of Nov. It's a rare opportunity to learn from master artisans from Japan and view a collection of 400 Edo-Kimekomi dolls handcrafted by these artists 1. Interestingly, each of these dolls requires an average of 2 years to make 2, but we'll apparently learn how to make them in under 2 hours, lol.

The workshop also seems to be limited to 40 people, so I hope to book places as soon as possible after asking around a bit. Feel free to let me know if you're interested or have already confirmed your attendance. ^^) v

*Entry to the museum and the doll exhibition is free. The doll making workshop costs $5 per person.

Singapore Philatelic Museum's
"Nov - Dec '09 Holiday Programmes"

Thanks for the heads up, Iwa!


Iwa said...

you know it also scares me that if the Japanese doll is 1/6. Would my silly dolls attempt to mug their new friend for her kimono.

On the other hand, I want to know if I can get materials like mini fans, spent 3 years look for those

Anonymous said...

the workshop don't teach you how to make the ball itself. But kimekomi balls which uses the same technique :D

Iwa said...

Eventually it became a kimekomi ball workshop *shrug*

The balls at the workshop seems to be the styrofoam type. Fun though

Mizu said...

Anonymous - Thanks for the info! I confess I thought it was a weird typo until Iwa reported that they actually taught everyone to make a kimekomi ball. XD

Iwa - Awww.. I thought it was going to be all talk and no hands-on. Oh well. Glad you had fun and made something tho! Thanks for the pix!

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