Volks custom #5

Here is a Volks C head I painted over the weekend. It's another anime-esque mold, which I consider much-needed practice before I take on more realistic heads (hello, Cy Girl Midori).

She took over the EB Beauty body I used in a previous photo shoot (I hate how the arms detach so easily at the elbows when posing her). Her hair colour and outfit remind me of Heather from Silent Hill 3, so "Heather" it is. :)

Apologies to my 1/6 bros for the multiple girly doll posts. D:

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Review: BBI Cy Girl Mystere

Yesterday I received my first complete Cy Girl, and I wasn't sure what to expect. Here's what BBI printed on the back of her box:

"Cy Girl Mystere is a Stealth Operative who is highly trained in covert tactics and extended operations. Her bio suit is specifically designed to conceal her from heat seeking technology allowing her to infiltrate secure locations undetected."

Does she look stealthy to you? Maybe up to her shoulders, because her mop of blonde hair kinda stands out like a sore thumb. Perhaps she's counting on her unwavering beauty to stay the hand of any sniper who has her in his sights?

The mask fits snugly over her face, so you don't need to secure it for it to stay on, although BBI provided some string to tie on the mask. If you look closely at her headsculpt, you can see speckles of slight discolouration that makes me think of pores in her skin. Don't know if it's on purpose though!

The strength of this figure is probably the clothing (i.e. latex cat suit, corset, and what resembles fetish latex underwear). "Stealth Operative" explanation aside, Mystere's ensemble looks more like BDSM, but I'm sure the boys won't be complaining. BBI ought to have ditched the gun and shipped her with a whip, because it makes more sense at this point.

Mystere's arsenal consists of 2 weapons: an MP7 and a wicked-looking dagger. I hope I assembled her weapon properly, since there aren't any instructions or pictures to refer to. It has a detachable scope, flashlight, muzzle, and comes with 4 ammo clips, 2 of which are attachable to the MP7. I'm not a gun person, let me know if I'm mistaken. ^^;

Among the drawbacks: boots are molded plastic instead of sewn. And her gun doesn't seem to fit properly into either hand. (BBI didn't provide any additional hands either.) Box art shows her posing mysteriously with a strange triangular object hanging off a very long chain. What the heck is that supposed to be? She also comes with a tiny skull ornament you can hook on to her outfit. Maybe it's a good-luck charm.

Posability is good, although the latex catsuit restricts things somewhat. I couldn't test to see if she could do a split without ruining her catsuit, so this is one figure you'll probably leave in a standing position for fear of spoiling her outfit.

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Volks custom #4

Painted my remaining Volks Neo Go 3 head. It's a rather effeminate sculpt, so the challenge was to avoid making him look *too* girly.

When it comes to 1/6-scale clothing, you can't go wrong with Azone. I bought this navy men's kimono set intending to customize a samurai ages ago, when I ordered my first batch of heads from Volks. At the suggestion of my boyfriend and my sister, I painted this head to look like Kanda Yuu from D.Gray-Man. Can't say I'm a fan of the character or the series yet, only watched a couple of episodes so far.

Also, the Volks red-head has swapped bodies. She's been dressed to resemble the Shinigami/Vizard from Bleach, complete with a 1/6 mask. I'll repaint the mask to look less cheerful, lol.

It's probably time for me to get new paintbrushes. Does anyone know any alternative to Volks' paintbrushes? I've tried brushes I bought from art stores, but none have been good enough.

EDIT: I've uploaded new photos after Nat pointed out my noobish mistake, lol! Thanks again Nat!

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