I'm manning a booth at Anime Fest Asia!

Heads up people! I've just been recruited to sell goods at Anime Fest Asia this weekend, and it's with none other than the KKnM crew! KKnM's a really popular store in Singapore for anime/Japanese goods, and they're also the official distributor in S.E. Asia for Cospa, a major Japanese entity for licensed anime goods. I'm gonna be selling Cospa's Resinya! line of doll products at the Genesis Frontier booth, plus the Obitsu bodies that go perfectly with them.

There'll be several lovely lasses available, but here's a preview of Tamaki Kousaka from "To Heart 2". I hear she's really popular, lol.

Resinya! Portrait Collection - Each box consists of a molded head and torso similar to fixed-pose statues, with the bonus option of attaching the head onto an Obitsu body and turning the character into an articulated doll (see below)

Mini Costume set - Cospa is well-known for their life-sized anime costumes, and they've put their know-how into 1/6 scale doll outfits too! Every character's outfit is tailored to fit a specific bust size according to the character, btw. (Socks and shoes will also be sold)

Obitsu bodies - Both the 27cm and 25cm bodies will come in three bust sizes: S, M, and L. The entire torso is made of a soft, squeezable material

Viola! Put 'em all together and you've got a quality finished doll at a great price (around SGD150, to be confirmed once I check closer to the event), compared to a complete character doll by other companies like Mega***** or Azo** which go well over SGD200. I can say that on my blog, right? XD

Buying a complete set consisting of: a) one Resinya! Portrait Collection, b) one corresponding costume set (includes socks and shoes), and c) one Obitsu body will get you a sweet discount only during this event. The Obitsu doll bodies will also be sold separately for around $29-$30 (prices also to be confirmed).

This is one of those rare times you'll see these products sold locally, so come by and take a look! I know I'm gonna be browsing through the stuff I'm selling, hehe. There will be several Resinya! dolls on display if you wanna check out the quality in-person, plus I'm bringing a couple of my own dolls, one of them being my custom Akiyama Mio from K-On!

*I should also mention my friend Mori will be selling some doll items under his ShowsDoll banner (he has hand-sewn/knitted clothing and Azone merchandise for both 1/6 and ball jointed dolls) at the KKnM/Genesis Frontier booth as well. There'll be lots to see!

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Let's go! Edo-Kimekomi doll making workshop

Hey guyz! I've just heard from a friend about a Japanese-doll making workshop at the Singapore Philatelic Museum on the 14th of Nov. It's a rare opportunity to learn from master artisans from Japan and view a collection of 400 Edo-Kimekomi dolls handcrafted by these artists 1. Interestingly, each of these dolls requires an average of 2 years to make 2, but we'll apparently learn how to make them in under 2 hours, lol.

The workshop also seems to be limited to 40 people, so I hope to book places as soon as possible after asking around a bit. Feel free to let me know if you're interested or have already confirmed your attendance. ^^) v

*Entry to the museum and the doll exhibition is free. The doll making workshop costs $5 per person.

Singapore Philatelic Museum's
"Nov - Dec '09 Holiday Programmes"

Thanks for the heads up, Iwa!

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