District 9 is so sci-fly

Photo of the custom Prawn mech belong to creator Sabretooth

Sorry to go all fan-girl on ya, but I kinda coined a term to describe District 9: "sci-fly" (good-looking science fiction with a concept and script intelligent enough to digest without regurgitating upon leaving the cinema). Haha. Anyway, it's been less than 24 hours since I've seen District 9, and I'm in peak condition to gawk over movie-related collectibles.

But what?! There isn't anything official yet? Then I'll just briefly review this custom made Prawn Mech some very talented and enterprising guy made and sold for US$5,300 on eBay.

I gotta admit the artist did a remarkable job creating the D9 robot, using a Transformers toy as the base and applying expert paint and weathering effects. While I'm impressed by his work, especially on the top half, I still feel that it isn't accurate enough to satisfy my inner nerd. You can draw your own comparisons with high res stills I extracted from the second movie trailer (click to view in full resolution).

Click through for more photos of the Prawn mech and screen captures from the film.

Anyone thinking what I'm thinking? I want Hot Toys to make one of these babies. (So my inner sci-fi nerd my bf can get one, lol)

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