A Halloween tribute to zombie movies, Biohazard, weird tastes

I'm not the best photographer (granted I'm so cheap I'm using a mobile phone camera, ha ha), but here are some snaps from a 1/6 zombie photo shoot we did last weekend. Our subjects were 3 Sideshow "The Dead" zombies, and one very stoic Hot Toys Leon Kennedy. One of my Pure Neemo dolls also makes an appearance, Resident Evil 2 tofu-survivor-style.

Hit the link below for more!

Straight up, I love me some horror films and the survival horror video game genre. I'm sure some of you guys are feeling me. Especially with Valve's Left 4 Dead becoming just about the most popular LAN game ever. Seriously, it's the reason many guys finally moved on from Counterstrike (I've decided that males don't mind getting repeatedly killed by headshots as much as females), and I've never seen an FPS result in such a huge influx of female gamers before. I'm glad more girls are playing video games, because we can kick butt as much as guys when we do. Which reminds me, I should steel myself and play my copy of Dead Space one of these days. >__>

>>> Zombie attack Pure Neemo style

It's always a good idea not to get surrounded

Attack when you find an opening!

Take that you Barbie-armed zombie lady!

I'm still going through my photos trying to dig up good shots, so check back. Thanks a lot to my sis and her friend Elmo for helping with the shoot!

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Halloween costumes! Plus how I spent my favourite non-holiday of the year

Happy Halloween everyone~~~! \o/

It may be the season for Xmas decorations to go up along Orchard Road, but I'm dead set I celebrate Halloween in some manner. So yea, we did a photo shoot with zombies, and I dressed a couple of my Pure Neemos in Halloween costumes. 8D

Recreation-wise, it's a shame Halloween is mainly a non-event in Singapore. Ya know, minus the clubs that have Halloween costume parties, there's not much else available to the public. So what my boyfriend and I did was go to the Science Centre for their "Haunted Halloween Nights". Boy was it exciting! The Science Centre staff and folks from the Asia Paranormal Investigators (API) were really sporting and put on a great show. I mean, everyone from families with kids, teenagers and adults had a rip roaring time. I think so cuz I heard many of them scream. It's the Science Centre turned into a Haunted House --- isn't that cool or what?? XD

If any one local is still looking for something Halloween-themed to do this weekend, head on over cuz it's still going on on Sunday - the Haunted Trail opens at 7pm and goes on till 11pm. It's just $8 a ticket! (An exhibit about Formula 1 racing as well as the Body Worlds "plastinated people" showcase is going on at the Science Centre too if you're interested)

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Custom figure: Manji from Blade of the Immortal

Hey peeps! Here's a custom I did a couple of months back but didn't get around to take photos of. He's a bad-ass, almost invincible swordsman known as "Manji" (which also happens to be the Japanese name for the swastika on his back - note that the swastika has origins in ancient Eastern culture and religion, and should not be confused with the version perverted by the Nazis). Manji is the main character from the manga "Mugen no Jyunin" which is also published in English as "Blade of the Immortal" by Dark Horse. The manga, written and illustrated by Hiroaki Samura, started in 1994 and is still ongoing, while an anime series was shown (and concluded?) in 2008.

More pics after the cut.

I've been a fan of the art (few manga artists give as much life-like detail to hands and feet as Hiroaki Samura does) and story for years, so I really wanted to do Manji justice and create something better than the official figure released years back. There's still lots of room for improvement though. His hair has too much volume, the clothing could drape better, and I'm not crazy about the exposed ankle joint on the Hot Toys body. Fact is I haven't painted scars on his chest yet because I'm uncertain about sticking with this body for Manji. I didn't sculpt the head either (it's from DID's Date Masamune figure), so it's not a perfect likeness but at least he's got a head full of "real" hair, lol.

All the weapons I've used are from the excellent set of official Mugen no Jyunin 1/6 miniature weapons. They have real metal blades, and painted weathering effects for added realism.


What's up with the goldfish lantern you ask? It's a miniature prop I made recently for the Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Mooncake or Lantern Festival over here). Seemed like an easy task before I started, but working on a miniature scale has its challenges. :P

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