Kingdom Hearts keyblades from Play Arts

Clockwise from middle: Oath Keeper, Oblivion, Wishing Lamp, Ultima Weapon from KH, Ultima Weapon from KH2

Been awhile since I felt excited about anything Square Enix. But Play Arts recent offering of Kingdom Hearts keyblades looks mighty interesting. The set includes 5 different keyblades, each measuring 11cm to 13cm long. Of course, I'm hoping they'll be compatible for use with 1/6 figures*. :3

Pre-orders will be available soon from Play-Asia. They offer free shipping to Singapore. So I'm really tempted.

*For example, the Master Arms weapons collection seen here. Although they purport to be 1/6 scale, they seemed a bit too large when I checked them out in-person. The gunblade handles didn't look like they'd fit your standard 1/6 body. So much for the idea of a Seifer custom with his kick-ass gunblade. :S

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Obitsu tanned bodies no-go-go

Obitsu Marrone

Obitsu Coconut (far right)

My mantra is to try out as many options as possible when it comes to customizing 1/6 dolls or figures. So recently, I discovered Marrone (medium tan) and Coconut (dark tan) Obitsu bodies. What a shame Obitsu decided to end production due to tanned bodies being unpopular in Japan! What about the ganguro/yamamba fashion movements?

Does anyone know where I can still get my hands on a set of either? If you've got one to sell, drop me a line!

I'm trying to order a Marrone body from a nice lady's online shop. If you read this ML, yes, I'm genuinely interested. Please get back to me soon. :D

EDIT: I've received the Marrone body. Thanks Lisa!

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Mamachapp Moko-chan + Neo-go repaint

Achtung! Major girly-ness ahead.

Haven't updated in ages! I'm in such slump, work-wise and hobby-wise. ><
Well I got busy painting again this weekend after receiving my first shipment of Obitsu heads and bodies. I painted a Mamachapp Moko-chan doppelganger (custom #6) to put the Moko-chan outfit I got from Dollshow 20 to use. Her head's ginormous. (See comparison with Volks Neo Go after the jump.)

-dies from overdose of moe-

Those gigantic eyes too aaages to paint. Her "animal ears" are attached with elastic and wouldn't fit any of the smaller Volks/Obitsu heads I had. So I had to order a head similar in size to the original Mamachapp doll - the Obitsu #1 comes very close.

Obitsu bodies have tighter joints compared to Volks, which makes them easier to pose. Moko-chan uses a 23cm body and she's even capable of balancing on one leg. Neat!

I also wiped and repainted the blonde Volks Neo Go 3 head (custom #7), aiming for better results this time. He's retained his original sullen and pouty look. My sister mentioned she still prefers black-haired "Kanda". It's just that the Neo Go 3 headsculpt practically dictates the uber androgynous look. IMHO, Neo Go 2 heads make better-looking males, but I don't have a body for the one I'm painting next. Meh, I hope Volks will restock their Neo Go bodies soon.

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