A Halloween tribute to zombie movies, Biohazard, weird tastes

I'm not the best photographer (granted I'm so cheap I'm using a mobile phone camera, ha ha), but here are some snaps from a 1/6 zombie photo shoot we did last weekend. Our subjects were 3 Sideshow "The Dead" zombies, and one very stoic Hot Toys Leon Kennedy. One of my Pure Neemo dolls also makes an appearance, Resident Evil 2 tofu-survivor-style.

Hit the link below for more!

Straight up, I love me some horror films and the survival horror video game genre. I'm sure some of you guys are feeling me. Especially with Valve's Left 4 Dead becoming just about the most popular LAN game ever. Seriously, it's the reason many guys finally moved on from Counterstrike (I've decided that males don't mind getting repeatedly killed by headshots as much as females), and I've never seen an FPS result in such a huge influx of female gamers before. I'm glad more girls are playing video games, because we can kick butt as much as guys when we do. Which reminds me, I should steel myself and play my copy of Dead Space one of these days. >__>

>>> Zombie attack Pure Neemo style

It's always a good idea not to get surrounded

Attack when you find an opening!

Take that you Barbie-armed zombie lady!

I'm still going through my photos trying to dig up good shots, so check back. Thanks a lot to my sis and her friend Elmo for helping with the shoot!


Timo said...

Wow. Very interesting photos there, having a cute pure nemo girl attacked by zombies, hahahhaa.. lots of fun.

LEon said...

Well taken photo. I can't really tell the different in scale. Good work!

Mizu said...

Thanks Tim~ wish you could've joined us. :3

Thanks Leon! Next time I'll have to take more lower angle shots, i.e. at their eye level for better realism. :)

desmond said...

Did you get HT Biohazard Chris and Sheila to join your existing zombie collection?

desmond said...

Yes Mizu, if you can take photos at the figures' eye level, that will be better..

Mizu said...

Hey Des! Nope, unfortunately I didn't because I haven't played RE5 yet. I'm behind on console games nowadays, lol. Left 4 Dead 2 is where it's at! XD

buy cialis said...

hahaha great tribute! Poor zombies but they have to die before they attack us. I like girl cop shooting barbie zombie on the floor.