Happy Chinese New Year!

It's Chinese New Year! Happy CNY people! It's also New Year for the Koreans, Vietnamese, etc. So however you celebrate it, have a good one. I did a quick photoshoot before we visit family out of the country. An Xmas reunion didn't happen so I'm looking forward to that.

More pix after the jump.

The props used in the scene are all Chinese New Year decorations which are sold all over Singapore during the festive season. Although I think a "lion dance" costume doesn't usually come with feet, this one was originally a puppet mounted on strings.

I've never had the guts to light fireworks before (not just the round cylindrical kind but the kind that look like rockets), but when I saw how brave Tim was setting off firecrackers when he was a kid, I might give it a shot if any of my relatives have them, lol.

Addemtum: Year-end festivities put me in no mood to take photos (sadness, not alcohol abuse lol) but I've decided to include my would-be Xmas shoot in this post rather than just forget it entirely. She's my re-dressed Midnight Crossing Momoko in a Santa hat. I am so creative. Not. I like putting her in an outfit that shows off her cool tatt tho. (Also sharing the spotlight is Chiika from Azone's Sweet Punk Girls! series.)

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