Work in progress: Ema Skye custom

Here's a doll project I'm working on: she's the younger version of Ema Skye (Houzuki Akane/宝月茜) from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney (Gyakuten Saiban/逆転裁判). I decided to create her when I found I could use Azone's clothing for most of her outfit, plus she's an interesting character!

A bit about her: Ema Skye is a 16 year old student who's into forensics and scientific investigation. She carries around a bottle of luminol which the player may use to spot hidden blood stains.

More photos after the jump.

Her badges and name tag were painted with acrylics, then "laminated" with sticky tape. For the name tag case, I cut out a small rectangular piece from some plastic I had sitting around (I keep packaging/boxes for times like this).

I've also gotten her a bag from Volks, as well as test tubes from Rement. She still needs a pair of socks, shoes and white sunglasses (does anyone have a pair with big round lens to spare?). The body I used for Ema is the 25cm midi body from Volks. Since I enjoy fussing over the details of her outfit, I'll be painting her head last. :3


Timo said...

Wow. Amazing effort indeed. Great job. ^ ^

desmond said...

Looking forward to see your final kitbash there.

Mizu said...

Thankies Tim. I know you were busy working when I bugged you to take a look. ^^;

Des, it's less of a kitbash and more of a custom doll, since I'm painting her head and stuff. But eh, same difference I guess. :P

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Yeah that's impressive, because do cosplay it's not just take a costume and use it.