Meet the Pure Neemo gang!

From left to right: Aika (black-haired 4th series version), Aika again (blonde-haired 5th series), Himeno (1st version)

Since the blokes on my blogroll have gotten 12" figures pretty much covered, I'll post about the Pure Neemo dolls in my collection. :)

They're semi-posable as they've got no joints in their elbows or knees for aesthetic reasons. Posing them differently requires swapping their arms and legs (they also come with several different pairs of hands).

Blonde Aika is wearing a white duffle coat and pink stockings my friend Iwa helped me purchase while she was in Japan. Thanks so much Iwa! ^^

Himeno is wearing the recently released Bohemian clothing. This photo demonstrates how I prefer to tie the sandals.

Azone has revealed they will release a much more posable Pure Neemo body, called the Flection. So if any of you were put off by their limited posability, now's the time to join the Pure Neemo appreciation club. XD


Iwa Hoshi said...

Aww they are kinda cute. Too bad my Ryus are against the idea of having school girl type dolls in the team

Blond and Black hair Aika have the same style of painted eyes right? Yet they don't look quite alike (hairstyle?) Blond Aika reminds me of Licca chan. And Himeno is kinda cute

Black Hair Aika looks like a someone version of manga Chun Li(with hair down and on day off)

I remember seeing you with a blank face black hair doll. Was that Black Hair Aika?

Mizu said...

You're correct, both Aikas have the same eyes/face, just a slightly different colour palette. Each time a new version of the same character is released, they'll have a different look (hair, clothing, etc).

And nope, I haven't painted the black-haired, blank face head yet. I have to decide what style I'll paint it, since I want her to stand out from the Pure Neemos. Maybe she'll get an evil, mischievous face, hehehe..

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I just love Aika, each version has something special and I think we can't ignore this kind of arms . Anyway it's a cute style, isn't?

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Blonde hair Aika is so cute on her white duffle coat suit.

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