Review: Construct-A-Bot EVE

WALL-E is an impressive film. A love story between two robots that aren't very humanoid-looking sounds risky on paper, but Pixar managed to pull it off brilliantly.

I'd like to think the strength of the movie also contributed to a healthy demand for the movie-related toys, because boy were they hard to find. I mean, sheesh, Singapore's a small country and all but we probably have more Pixar fans than Toys "R" Us gives us credit for, lol.

Michael Crawford has done excellent reviews of Cube N' Stack WALL-E and M-O, so I'll stick to reviewing Construct-O-Bot EVE.


The Construct-o-bot series basically allows you to dismantle and attach the robot parts by means of magnets. The blurb at the back of the box encourages you to buy both Construct-o-bot WALL-E and EVE, and swap their parts around like some Frankenstein-experiment. I haven't tried that yet, but there's another definite plus point to the magnetic attachments - EVE here has increased posability because the magnetic attachments act similarly to ball-joints. And no need to worry about breaking the joints from over-rotating.

Pressing the button on EVE's back opens the front compartment, where you can stow away the boot with the plant.

As you can see, looks-wise these toys are pretty spot-on. EVE is sleek, and the only downside is that her arms can't be pushed in to go completely flush against her body. Paint ops on EVE are almost negligible, although her eyes are printed very clearly. I guess you could say these toys are priced quite reasonably considering they're aimed at children, although I'm sure a number of older fans have been snapping these up. :P


Little Plastic Man said...

Yeah...I really like these figures. Its about time we get good Pixar movies toys!!

Mizu said...

Agreed! My only complaint is that they didn't make enough WALL-E toys to go around, lol.

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I also agree with you guys, there should be more Pixar movies, Wall-E is a good one.

kamagra said...

This is great stuff, I loved the movie, I actually have this models as well.