Halloween costumes! Plus how I spent my favourite non-holiday of the year

Happy Halloween everyone~~~! \o/

It may be the season for Xmas decorations to go up along Orchard Road, but I'm dead set I celebrate Halloween in some manner. So yea, we did a photo shoot with zombies, and I dressed a couple of my Pure Neemos in Halloween costumes. 8D

Recreation-wise, it's a shame Halloween is mainly a non-event in Singapore. Ya know, minus the clubs that have Halloween costume parties, there's not much else available to the public. So what my boyfriend and I did was go to the Science Centre for their "Haunted Halloween Nights". Boy was it exciting! The Science Centre staff and folks from the Asia Paranormal Investigators (API) were really sporting and put on a great show. I mean, everyone from families with kids, teenagers and adults had a rip roaring time. I think so cuz I heard many of them scream. It's the Science Centre turned into a Haunted House --- isn't that cool or what?? XD

If any one local is still looking for something Halloween-themed to do this weekend, head on over cuz it's still going on on Sunday - the Haunted Trail opens at 7pm and goes on till 11pm. It's just $8 a ticket! (An exhibit about Formula 1 racing as well as the Body Worlds "plastinated people" showcase is going on at the Science Centre too if you're interested)


Timo said...

Totally love the pumpkin hat. And it was so fun when we went on the haunted trail. Its incredibly frightening. At least some are. hahahaha

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

i used to dressed up as Red Ranger from Power Rangers...
ah, the good ol' days.

thanks for adding to ur site...
u got some wicked site.

keep it up.

Mizu said...

Yeah, you really played along, lol. I don't mind going again next year. We should try and get more people. ^^

@ Asrul - Haha, that's awesome. If I could go back in time and dress up as a childhood hero, I'd probably be a Ghostbuster cuz there'd be plenty of ghosts on H'ween, lol. Thanks for your comments!

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