Holy Cowlicks!

Here's a preview of a couple of upcoming reviews: Medicom Edward Elric and Azone Hollow Ataraxia Saber. I'm not a fan of Fate Stay Night, but I was fond of Full Metal Alchemist some years back!

Azone Saber's armor is largely made from real metal. She's very heavy and had to be propped against a stand to pose upright. Medicom Edward looks much snazzier out of the box, after removing a few articles of clothing to inspect his automail (mechanical) parts.

For clicking the link, you've ended up at.. horrors! A graveyard of Valentine's photos I backed out of using. The only commercial aspect of Valentine's I'm in favour of is chocolate (forget overpriced roses or shiny baubles), and I had some miniature Rement ones I wanted to use.


Anonymous said...

Lol. Its kinda funny to see both Ed and Sabber having the same hairstyle.

And most of all Ed has to stand on a chair just to give Saber a present. Cute

Mizu said...

I think they share the same celebrity stylist! :o

Glad you found some amusement from that cheesy photo btw.

Milk said...

I burst out laughing when I saw that photo of Ed on the chair. I can't believe how short he is! I've never watched the anime, but I know he's short. But THAT short? XD

Love the super cowlicks!

Mizu said...

Yep, Edward's height is a huge running joke in the anime. Apparently he refuses to drink milk as well, so that might've contributed to his problem. X3