Hoodies ftw

New Volks custom, plus "How I ended up buying a Momoko doll."

I finished another Volks head, which is a slight improvement over the first two, but I'm still not satisfied. No matter, I went to cut her hair and try to create a softer look this time but I was afraid of over-doing it. Doll's hair doesn't grow back. :S

Had to do more research. Sure, I've saved tons of photos, but having a sample in hand would be a better guide. So I decided I'd buy a Momoko even though I'd shied away from them at first because of their awkward looking joints (imo). There were many to choose from at the store I went to, but I picked up "Midnight Crossing" Momoko, and I think she's gorgeous. Photo review to come soon!

Btw - if anyone is using Internet Explorer, does my blog have formatting errors? It seems like my blog doesn't work properly on MSIE 7. ;o;


kizzychan said...

I just found your blog and I find it interesting! As a doll customizer myself, I'm always looking for other doll related blog to share comments :) And I find your custom heads very nice and pretty, imho. Keep up the good work!

Mizu said...

Thanks for the kind words, Kizzychan!

I've seen your Flickr gallery - you've done an excellent job with your customs (I like that you made Howl!) and I love what you can do with dolls' hair. ^^

kizzychan said...

Thank you for reply and for adding me in your Flickr contacts! I'm glad you liked my customs :)Yes, I like doing dolls' hairstyles and face painting. I hope you'll post your customs' photos on Flickr too! ;)

Milk said...

For reference??? Suuuuure. That's what they all say. We know why you REALLY bought that Momoko for. >,>;;
Your new girl looks good! Your facepaints are very nice and flat. On average how long does it take you to paint a face?
What's her name? :3

Mizu said...

Kizzychan - I plan to, but it's a bit annoying how Flickr requires a paid subscription in order to have more than 3 sets. The cheapskate in me balked. XD

Nat - Let me rephrase that. I partly bought the Momoko as a form of retail therapy. >_>
I think it looks a bit too flat atm. Do you recommend diluting paint with water or thinner in order to add some gradual shading?

It takes up to half a day when I work on customs, since I wipe off and repaint bits a good deal. How long do you need to paint and style a head?

I'm naming her Juno after the movie I saw last weekend. :)

dandiddisdothat said...

Nice paintjob!

Mizu said...

Thanks, Dan!