Coraline bendy doll

Still a few weeks before the film opens in Singapore, but I've fulfilled my goal of collecting at least one of the awesome Coraline bendy dolls from NECA.

Visually, I'm impressed by how accurate the doll looks to an actual Coraline puppet. Although you can't pose her arms and legs "realistically" because the bendy doll articulation is far too simplified, you can remove Coraline's faceplate and adjust the eyes, or maybe swap expressions with the other three versions. I wouldn't mind collecting all of them just to try that out. :)

This version of Coraline wearing the sweater with stars was actually a SDCC-exclusive, but I was really fortunate to purchase her from someone in Singapore. He's a friendly pop-culture collector who runs the action figure section in a store called "Titanium" (level B4 of ION Orchard). Thanks so much Alvin!

Just one gripe: her molded hair looks a bit too translucent up close


desmond said...

I guess Titanium is located inside a corner of Gramophone outlet ION Orchard and Titanium is owned by Falcon Hangar..

Mizu said...

Owned? I bumped into Shaun while picking up my Coraline figure and he mentioned TFH too. From what I gathered after talking to the guy running Titanium, I think he's got a deal with TFH to get most of his stock through them, but otherwise he operates as a separate outfit. Or maybe I misunderstood, lol. Anyway, he seems to be interested in stuff that TFH isn't bringing in, so the more choices the merrier.

neoconvoy said...

Titanium is a collaboration between Gramophone and TFH. The toy section is run by TFH. You will see some of the other TFH guys there from time to time.

Anyway, I almost got the figure, but wasnt sure of the articulation until i googled it. i saw the show on a flight in June, and it is a nice show. the animation is great. looks like i may pick up the figure. :)

Mizu said...

Oh... I see. Thanks for explaining TED. ^^ I've been waiting to see Coraline with the complete 3D experience, so that's what's stopping me from grabbing a copy of the DVD. It's taken too long to get here! And yes I agree this figure's a great collectible especially considering how much we have to pay for it. (This remark is best explained by my lack of Nightmare before Christmas stop motion puppet replicas)

Little Plastic Man said... learn something new everyday...that Titanium is a collaboration between Gramophone and TFH