mismatched: Iron Man and Koron

It's about time I be back to postin', so here goes: I took a bunch of photos of my bf's Hot Toys Iron Man over the weekend. My latest Pure Neemo doll, Koron, came along for the trip. Enjoy photos of the odd couple. =P

Iron Man is a cool fig and an amazing way to start your figure collection (in the case of my bf). A switch carefully hidden on his back allows you to turn on the lights for his eyes and the power core on his chest, while both his arms have a tiny switch to light up the circular emitters on his palms. He's also an articulated, posable figure with several movable parts - such as flaps on his legs that open to reveal the intricate mechanisms underneath. These small moving parts feel a bit fragile though, so it's best to handle Iron Man as gently as possible.

We actually had an issue with a tiny missing hinge on one of the flaps on Iron Man's back right after taking him out from the box, but a trip back to my favourite toy store got us a replacement. Thanks so much guys. ^_^



desmond said...

Wao!! never hear from you for quite a while. I like the female figure you have there, especially her "outfits". Swee!!

Mizu said...

Hai Desmond! Yea, I liked how her outfit is edgier than what you normally see on Pure Neemos. :3

Also, if anyone's interested in seeing some real-life "alternative fashion" in boring ol' staid Singapore, there's an event called Dark Friday this Friday the 13th (how nice, two months in-a-row). I've never attended, but I know someone who does. Could be fun!

desmond said...

I am not going to the party too..Haha!

Mizu said...

Good thing you didn't go to the party, cuz I heard the guys wore as much make-up as the girls. Just kidding. XD

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