Review: Hot Toys Joker x 2

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, heeeeeeere's Bank Robber Joker!

Plus as an added bonus: I've included the first Joker with one of the two new headsculpts. Yulli, the talented lady behind these sculpts, did an outstanding job. Joker looks much more spot on - one head has slicked back hair so you can slip on the clown mask he wears during the bank heist, the other has the petulant, dangerous look of the Joker when he's locked up in the police station's detention cell. I also can't commend the amazing paint job on the heads enough.

I love Heath Ledger's Joker, and these figures are the closest to doing him justice. :)
More photos after the jump!

Gotta love that smirk of his. Everyone knows the line, "why so serious?", but how about the one where he says to Bats: "You complete me". Stealing lines from Jerry Maguire? Atta boy.


Iwa said...

I will definitely not keep this action figure in my room, if I do I would need a very serious looking Batman around.

I prefer the messy hair one though. he's creepier

Mizu said...

I have Hot Toys' Dark Knight Batman too (came with two headsculpts; the Christian Bale one is gonna be useful for kitbashing his other movie roles, hehe). But he's a bit large to display and I've limited space, so he's still in his box. :P

sket said...

wow mizu, u did spent quite alot on these movie. i see u shld be targeting iron man with r downey jr's sculpt as well.

Mizu said...

Yeah, it ain't easy spending a large chunk of hard-earned dough, but with Hot Toys it's completely worth it. :)

Boyfriend's getting the Mach 3 Iron Man, so I'll get to admire it without having to spend a penny, hehe.

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This is perfect because Joker is my favorite character and more with that insane face, I like because the new one is really bizarre.