S'pore Toy and Comic Convention

"Recognising pop-culture as something sacred, the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention will prove a mecca for all serious fans of toys, comics, animation, gaming, design and Cosplay. So, mark your calendar and make it your mission to be part of Southeast Asia’s definitive global pop-culture experience – the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008"

I'm still hoping to attend a local doll show (I missed last year's "Doll Affair"), but I'll settle willingly for Singapore's first Toy and Comic Convention.

Here're a few exhibitors that catch my interest:

BANDAI (Booth C07)

Domuya Your Doll Co. (Booth A04)
Domuya is back again with their BJDs!

Imaginary Friends IFS (Booth E07)
They're a bunch of very talented illustrators whom I've seen in action at CG Overdrive.

Magma Heritage (Booth D10)
I've visited their store exactly 3 times, and they don't exactly make you feel welcome (pity, they have loads of stuff to look at). The convention is a golden opportunity for some unadulterated window shopping over at their booth, lol.


Nintendo (Booth A01)
Fun! I'm taking my Nintendo DS along. Who knows what will happen?

Is anyone else going? Let me know, cuz I wanna say hi and stuff. :)
Btw, Sket - you better go!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm going alright. Hopefully there's more than what was at the Doll affair and the last SGcollect Dot Cons

Mizu said...

Yay for Iwa going! Let's have an impromptu 1/6 doll show of our own. Hopefully the organisers don't chase us out!

corsetkitten said...

yea, I heard that about Magma. I've also read on some of the fashion doll boards its very hit or miss as to how they treat their customers. (I bought one doll from them (the MZ wild--who's repaint I did LOL) and that went pretty smoothly...

Heheh. Standing around admiring their dollies! *they want you buying!* Besides, don'tcha know we need to fly to see Milk's collection!!! (she might also get a bit impatient at us standing around looking at her 1/6 goodies!)

Mizu said...

I think they're pretty nice if you deal with them online, as I did all my enquiries through email before visiting their store. They get enough online and overseas orders, so they don't consider walk-in customers a priority.

It's a shame though. They have a wonderfully decorated store with pink shelves and a stunning collection of dolls. And there was a very friendly cat who loved to rub against my legs while I was in there, guess it doesn't take after its owners. ;)

Oh, you know it. If I'm going to check out Milk's collection I'm going to need to spend a few days at her house, lol!

Anonymous said...

you know I forget to ask you. which of your dolls you're bringing?

sket said...

domuya will be there? been awhile since i last heard of them. medicom booth will be interesting. some pple went on friday said it's very much like sunday's flea market but with some elaborate setups like star wars' booth. maybe i'll go for the free singapore be@rbrick. have fun mizu.

milk said...

Wah! Lucky! I wanna go to a Singapore comiket! Make sure you take lots of photos for us poor people who are stuck in a country that's too big to do get togethers. XD And ya'll are invited to my house any day! We have guest bedrooms so come on down! I promise I'll only get impatient if you just look at my dolls and don't play with them. XD