Obitsu tanned bodies no-go-go

Obitsu Marrone

Obitsu Coconut (far right)

My mantra is to try out as many options as possible when it comes to customizing 1/6 dolls or figures. So recently, I discovered Marrone (medium tan) and Coconut (dark tan) Obitsu bodies. What a shame Obitsu decided to end production due to tanned bodies being unpopular in Japan! What about the ganguro/yamamba fashion movements?

Does anyone know where I can still get my hands on a set of either? If you've got one to sell, drop me a line!

I'm trying to order a Marrone body from a nice lady's online shop. If you read this ML, yes, I'm genuinely interested. Please get back to me soon. :D

EDIT: I've received the Marrone body. Thanks Lisa!


12inchtoyscollector said...

Hi, mind if I add your blog addy to my own blog link? anyway, feel free to check out mine and give me feedbacks. Cheers. BTW, nice 1/6 female figs you have there.

Mizu said...

Thanks, and of course I don't mind. Neat blog and nice photos there yourself, except it's a bit time-consuming to browse through your posts when you only have one post displayed at a time. Just my two cents. XD

12inchtoyscollector said...

thanks for the advice..I'm still trying to make my blog as reader-friendly as possible. Maybe reason is becos I have alot of reviews to post and I have this problem of getting a 3 column blog skin thingy..blogspot only got 2 column..anyway, thanks for letting me add your blog to mine. Great collection you have there, especially the Dolfies..I have 1 Pullip but too precious to be taken out and played...hehe

jenn said...

Hi where did you get your tan body? I've been looking for one all over!

Mizu said...

I got mine from Mona Lisa Dolls last month, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available right now. :(

I suppose you could try emailing Lisa or asking around on doll forums. Sorry I can't provide any better leads.