Doll Show 20 in Tokyo

A custom by the famous Gamisanjp!

I attended my first doll show during my trip to Japan last October. There were four floors to cover and each floor was absolutely massive. I marvelled at the hand-crafted outfits and accessories which are seldom seen on sale outside of events like Doll Show.

Photos from Zozone

I remembered Natalie from Milkshake Melody posted about these cool bat wings from Zozone on her blog. So I made a bee-line for the 4th floor to get my hands on them! They're posable, as you can see from the photos above.

Is this a single person's collection?

Spotted a Megahouse Manji (from "Blade of the Immortal"). Since I can't buy one, I'm customizing Manji - I've painted the head (a DID head with "real" hair), and found kimono sewing patterns from a Jenny pattern book. All he needs now is a body. One with a decent torso to to reveal his many battle scars. I'm usually partial to Hot Toys', but their new versions have feet attached with an odd gap above the ankle. Greater posability over looks?

Although Doll Show mainly features girly-doll stuff, there was a section devoted to 1/6 action figures. I saw many nice custom figures on display, and an interesting set of dioramas that pictured scenes from a Japanese fair (Summer Matsuri perhaps?). Which brings me to this minor rant: I wish Rement made all their miniatures in 1/6. I used to be a huge Rement fan until I realised the scale of their miniatures fluctuates - rarely 1/6, mostly 1/8 or maybe even 1/12.

I'd also wanted to buy a custom painted head, but nothing really caught my fancy (or was within my budget for that matter). Thus my loot mostly consisted of 1/6 clothing, and I racked up a lot of purchases from Azone on the 2nd floor. Azone were also selling some of their dolls at half-price (Bleach Hitsugaya & Ichigo, Shakugen no Shana, etc at ¥6,000).

Doll Show 20 was loadsa fun, even with my fumbling Japanese. I'm hoping we'll have local doll shows like this in the future. But in the meantime, I'll be saving up for another trip to Japan. Banzai! XD


Milk said...

I wish you told me that you were at Doll Show. I could have met you then. If you come back again, lemme know.

Mizu said...

Eep! I thought it would be imposing of me. I'll drop you a note, would love to get to know you. ^_^

Milk said...

What's so imposing about meeting someone? XD If you asked to stay at my house for a month, well THAT'S imposing. LOL But as long as you don't ask me that, I always love to meet fellow collectors. Next time, message me! >:3

Anonymous said...

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