Coraline puppets use Volks hair?

Ho-ly crap. I was browsing the behind-the-scenes photos on the Coraline website when I spotted this:

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On the upper right corner, you can clearly see four packs of Volks hair pinned on the wall. LOL. It's amusing this stuff's got Hollywood's stamp of approval! There're a few spools of thread on the table too, so it might depend on the situation.

I found a close-up of the Coraline puppet. Question is, is it Volks' #25 Blue or #27 Deep Blue? I'm guessing it's the latter.

SDCC 08 photos by Randi Mason (flickr)

A neat gallery of some of the puppets on display at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year. Can't wait for the movie. ^^

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Wouldn't it rock to work on a film like this? Here's a nifty behind-the-scenes look at an upcoming stop-motion film "Coraline".

Coraline is based on a graphic novel written by Neil Gaiman, who's perhaps best known as the critically acclaimed author of The Sandman comic series. The director, Henry Selick, is the guy who directed "Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Henry and the Giant Peach", two movies I also happen to love.

If you're interested, the cast and crew talk about the story behind Coraline in a video clip after the cut. ^^

Check out the official movie website. While it's very interactive and takes awhile to load, poke around and you'll be able to download some very nice artwork.

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Ema Skye custom

This one's for Phoenix Wright fans! Ema Skye is my first proper attempt at a character doll (that is, a doll based on an existing character).

I know her badges are rather over-sized, but I'm too lazy to make new ones. ^^;

この逆転裁判のファンのためです!私は先週末にこのカスタムドールを完了した。バッジが大きすぎますが、私も新しいものを作るに怠惰なんだ。 ^ ^ ;

More pics after the jump.

She's using a Volks 25cm body, which unfortunately isn't as posable as Obitsu. Volks doesn't provide alternate hands for grasping or posing either. I picked Volks though because it has slightly longer arms than Obitsu's 25cm body, and the hand sculpts are more realistic (longer fingers). Minor details, but I wanted to get as close to Capcom's character design as possible. ^^

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Review: Hot Toys Joker x 2

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, heeeeeeere's Bank Robber Joker!

Plus as an added bonus: I've included the first Joker with one of the two new headsculpts. Yulli, the talented lady behind these sculpts, did an outstanding job. Joker looks much more spot on - one head has slicked back hair so you can slip on the clown mask he wears during the bank heist, the other has the petulant, dangerous look of the Joker when he's locked up in the police station's detention cell. I also can't commend the amazing paint job on the heads enough.

I love Heath Ledger's Joker, and these figures are the closest to doing him justice. :)
More photos after the jump!

Gotta love that smirk of his. Everyone knows the line, "why so serious?", but how about the one where he says to Bats: "You complete me". Stealing lines from Jerry Maguire? Atta boy.

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Pure Neemo Miu

Here're some photos to demonstrate the changing of limbs for Pure Neemo dolls. Shown here is Sweet Punk Girls! Miu, with a bunch of clay turtles/tortoises from a quaint little store in Suntec City.

Wot's keeping me from updating lately? I've been busy playing Fallout 3 on the PC (Sket, it's awesome!). XD
But! I've also been productive. Ema Skye is finished and I'll take photos of her tomorrow when I'm back from my trip (long weekend, hey!). Also got to take photos of Hot Toys' Bank Robber Joker which I picked up Friday - it totally rocks!

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