Obitsu custom

I painted an Obitsu 01 head in white skin tone yesterday, experimenting slightly with painted lines over her lips like they do on BJDs. I also gave her purple eyes courtesy of some new Liquitex colours I ordered from Japan. It's interesting to note Azone is distributing (and manufacturing?) Liquitex for doll customizers in Japan. They cost around $2 a tube, so it's pretty economical for colours I'm using less often (magenta, purple and dark blue for instance). ^^

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Yujin Dreamcast + others (かわいい!)

I love miniatures and I love playing games. So I lurve me some miniature gaming systems. XD

The Dreamcast brings back many fond memories of games like Phantasy Star Online, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 (I was addicted to raising Chao, lol), Jet Set Radio, and a number of others. We still have ours tucked away in a drawer; I'd take it out for spin if I were less preoccupied.

Lately, Yujin's miniatures double up as keychains. I'll usually remove the chain and cut off the plastic loop. The Wiimote in the same series however, is unfortunately too large (it's longer than the Wii itself).

My mini consoles: when will Sony represent? XD

Himeno plays Dreamcast

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Custom Spiderman heads

It's a mystery exactly which Hong Kong company is behind this, but these custom Spiderman heads have been making waves recently. They're quite popular for replacing Medicom's own produced heads, since their paint ops are simplistic and fairly disappointing at times. Maybe Medicom will get the message when some people willingly pay the equivalent of an entire Medicom figure for a custom head. Good news is these heads are sorta mass-produced, so you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg if you locate a better source.

I only have Peter Parker, so here are photos comparing the Medicom product (left) to the custom-made head (right).

Notice painted details like facial markings on the custom, compared to the clean look of Medicom's. There is more shading on the custom as well. My only gripe is they used too much yellow, which makes Peter look rather sallow and contrasts poorly with the RAH body.

Next up, the "battle damaged" Spiderman custom.

They've managed to quite impressively meld two of Medicom's headsculpts together, the "masked" Spidey and Peter Peter. The webbing detail on the mask also lines up with the outfit on Medicom's figure. But since they're calling it "battle-damaged", he shouldn't be looking so happy IMO. Shoulda given him a swollen eye or something. XD

It's hard to tell how large the production run of these custom heads is, so grab them while you can if you want to spruce up your Medicom Spideys. The next heads to be available locally will include the awesome-looking Eddie Brock/Venom custom and a few other Peter Parker heads with varying likeness.

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